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Blacklist Terms

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Ok, So I know a lot of people are going to be asking about Blacklist and how they work I will be going more into it. 

Blacklist in Mystic Gaming means you are perma-ban from our server but not our Teamspeak and forums and everything else.

Blacklist |No Appeal| in Mystic Gaming means if you get this the only way you can appeal it is by talking to one of the Owners, not a manager or any other rank but an Owner since we would be handling this Blacklist type.

Both Blacklists are not like other servers if you get blacklisted / No Appeal you can still come into our TeamSpeak and Discord and forums. We do not block you guys from talking to the community and your friends. Staff goes for you too you will not get kicked off staff for being friends with blacklisted members it is different here at Mystic Gaming.

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