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  1. If I am needed to be contacted you could either contact me in Teamspeak. If I am not online at the current time you are more than free to message me on the forums or send me a detailed discord message with what is needed. Logan#1868
  2. MysticGaming Support Rules Be nice to everyone you encounter in the Teamspeak NEVER give yourself tags. If you need a tag, go to another support member Do not remove tags from people without their permission. Doing so will result in a strike Be calm and courteous. Do not lose your patience with people. Attend the meetings. If you cannot make them contact the Head of Support or Support Supervisor. Must be mature and active in the Teamspeak. Support is on a three-strike system, after the third strike you will be removed.
  3. Name: Logan Ig Name: Logan Age: 17 Staff Rank: Head of Support Donator Status: N/A Experience: Did a couple of updates on a different server. Skills: I can really only do DarkRP jobs however, I am always interested in learning more things.