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Christmas Update!


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  1. Logan's Developer Application

  2. Holiday Update Schedule

    Hello Everyone, This is our Holiday Update schedule. Check here to see when seasonal Updated will be released! 2019 Holiday Update Schedule Halloween Update - October 1st 2019 Thanksgiving Update - November 1st, 2019 Christmas Update - 28th, 2019 2020 Update schedule New Years Update - January 6th, 2020 TBD
  3. Name: Ig Name: Age: Staff Rank: Donator Status: Experience: Skills:
  4. Donation Link

  5. Thank You

    Senior Management and Executive Management want to say thank you to everybody thank is helping and playing on our server we are happy people can't wait for this server to go live. So as something like this we just want to tell you guys we hear your suggestions and comments about our server the good ones and the bad ones we want to make sure everything is going to be good for you guys when the server goes live. That's why it is taking us longer to make sure that the server is ready for the beta because we care about this server and the people who want to play on it, Thank you all for what you guys have done so far and thank you to our staff team making sure everything is going alright and making things safe.-SMT and EMT of Mystic Gaming Community Our Community Comes First
  6. This is Biolock's Contact Info please use this for important things and not just to talk you can talk to him in TS or in one of our Discords Email: bioleaddeveloper@mysticgaming.net Discord: Biolock#8900 Please leave your discord contact in the email as well
  7. PoliceRP Staff Meeting

    Staff meeting at 7PM EST
  8. SCP-RP Development Begins

    Development Begins
  9. Store Terms and Services

    First I would like to say there are no refunds when it comes to this community but we will not ban you for wanting your money back we ask you to please talk to one of the Owners when it comes to this. Biolock [Owner] is the one person you want to talk about getting your money back since he does all the money holding and adding things to the servers. Mystic Gaming is not reliable for you getting blacklisted from our servers. Please talk to an Owner before thinking about refunding or talking to PayPal about a chargeback. We the Owners would like you guys before doing anything with any bank or PayPal to talk to us first bc we can do everything give you, Your money back and make everything ok. We will say this if you chargeback you will be perma-ban from the server and will have to talk to an Owner about the whole thing so please talk to an Owner before thinking about charging back
  10. Blacklist Terms

    Ok, So I know a lot of people are going to be asking about Blacklist and how they work I will be going more into it. Blacklist in Mystic Gaming means you are perma-ban from our server but not our Teamspeak and forums and everything else.Blacklist |No Appeal| in Mystic Gaming means if you get this the only way you can appeal it is by talking to one of the Owners, not a manager or any other rank but an Owner since we would be handling this Blacklist type.Both Blacklists are not like other servers if you get blacklisted / No Appeal you can still come into our TeamSpeak and Discord and forums. We do not block you guys from talking to the community and your friends. Staff goes for you too you will not get kicked off staff for being friends with blacklisted members it is different here at Mystic Gaming.